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When it comes to public opinion on Kanye’s foray into the high fashion world, sentiments have been mixed to say the least but whether you like it or not, the vocality of both sides of the board have certainly aided ‘Ye in earning a greater degree of attention for his collaborations with Nike and adidas. Despite this praise, vitriol and hype-garnering blurring between different mediums of art, the high fashion community has remained relatively silent on the topic. Now, WhoWhatWear has assembled five major figures in the industry to comment on Yeezy’s attempts to permeate the apparel bubble and the responses are really interesting. We’ve picked up some of our favourite quotes from the article but if you wanna read more, check the gallery above or check out the original article.

“I think Kanye West is really brave, because he comes in for so much criticism, and he gets knocked down so many times by the fashion world—maybe not by designers but by the ‘protectors’ of the fashion world—and he gets right back up [laughs], he comes right back in, very vocally.”
– Vanessa Friedman, New York Times fashion director & chief fashion critic

“…regardless of whether the clicks continue to the cash register, people will always be hungry for what Diana Vreeland used to call “pizzazz,” and [as they’re] lacking it in the atelier, where corporatized creative directors have largely supplanted outspoken eccentrics, they are understandably turning to popular culture.”
– Alexandra Jacobs, New York Times fashion critic

“I had a lot of experience with his ready-to-wear debut early on and I think he was a victim of his own hubris. What’s most impressive about him, though, is that it hasn’t stopped him from trying something new. The Adidas collection was fascinating—it was very well received for the most part, and the media treated it as a designer price-point collection, when what [it really was] was a collaborative collection with a sportswear company.”
Eric Wilson, Instyle fashion news director

“I also admire the fact that he’s willing to go through the uncomfortable process of attempting to learn about a new business under [such a] spotlight—even if he wanted to, he couldn’t do this—and make all these mistakes—in the shadows. But he has a lot of hubris, as well. If I were to offer any advice I would just tell him: in the same way that you let your music speak for itself, let the clothes speak for themselves. There’s no need for a soliloquy to introduce the clothes, and there’s no need for a soliloquy to explain them when you feel they’ve been misunderstood.”
– Robin Givhan, Washington Post, fashion critic

“I honestly think that Kanye West is obsessed with fashion. So, when he’s at the shows, he’s there because he loves fashion. If people start to like the clothes [he designs] I think he does have a chance of making it.”
     – Lynn Yager, VOGUE contributing fashion editor & critic


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