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How does one follow a design legend with a 15-year stint as creative director of a French high fashion house? You just be Alexander Wang.

Wang, who debuted his first collection under the Balenciaga name back in Febuary has gone from strength to strength and discusses his role at Balenciaga with Dazed Digital.

Skyrocketing onto every fashion commentator, enthusiast and blogger’s radar with collections under his own name, which continue alongside his Balenciaga role, Wang talks about returning to the archives for the AW13 and Resort14 Balenciaga collections.

Wang also discusses Balenciaga creator, and designer’s designer, Cristóbal Balenciaga, living in Paris one week a month, every month and about not having a ‘gang’.

Dazed also gets the drop on the inspiration behind Wang’s debut collection under the house name, which was mainly influenced by iconic statues, evident in the marble prints, but also about the concept of the stagnant combined with the dynamic. Just like the collection’s iconic statue inspirations, the collection has become an iconic moment for the house. Nonetheless, Wang says “Forever and always I’ll remember the name on the door is Balenciaga.”

You can read the full interview here.

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