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Weekly updates

We showcased the lookbook for Akomplice’s Spring 2012 range yesterday but we also shot some questions over to Patrick Liberty of the brand to dig a little deeper into what the new collection is all about.

My name is… Patrick Liberty

I live in…  I don’t live anywhere I live everywhere.  Currently Mike (brother and business partner) and me are nomadic. Last 6 months have consisted of Cali, Utah, Colorado, Mexico, Cuba, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Texas, Puerto Rico, Saint Thomas, and right now writing this from a bungalow in Saint John. Out of those we frequent Colorado (where we are from) and Cali (where our Flagship store is).  Also shout to our strong team for making it so we can be nomadic and very productive and profitable.

Our new collection is called…  2 Days in LA.  We took two days to shoot it.

Some of the things that inspired it are…  Showing the LA lifestyle that is tied in with our brand and the diversity of ways retailers are doing it. LA is like nowhere else in the world.

The person I can imagine wearing the collection is… Most cool confident people who enjoy life and its infinite exhilarating folds.  Also, people who want the evolution and progression of the world to come in sustainable ways.

While designing the collection we listened to a lot of…. The Flow (not a band, but being connected in) like being in the Tao.

If I wasn’t a designer I’d… Doing a lot of what I am doing. Qi Gong and following my gut and my passions. I know it may sound corny but its true.

I like the opposite sex to wear… Nothing or something very small to be taken off.

An item of clothing I can never throw out is… Military pants they are too durable to not have for camping or work.

A trend I would like to die is… The idea that money equals success in life. I know many rich that are poor and poor that are very rich. Money does not equal love or happiness.  Money is a tool.  Treat it like a tool not the end all.  In order to keep most people at there jobs they gotta keep selling that dream though. Haha.

When I’m not working on the brand I like to spend time… Doing Qi Gong, and chasing shorties!

The next project I’m working on is…. So many, a collab with academy nominated documentary, a shoe collab, NBA player collab, more David Flores items, of course our second Raekwon of Wu-tang collab is coming up. So it’s a lot and then just getting our business more tight and adding more people to the team!