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Huffer wear authenticity on their sleeves in DECADE

From New Zealand to New York: the brand delve into the concrete jungle

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Huffer are undeniably grassroots. Originating in New Zealand in 1997, the brand have never been about the flashy lights of fame. Instead, they’ve opted as the apparel of the people, speaking out for the trends, lifestyles and cultures of the streets. In their 21 year tenure, Huffer have expanded into places such as Sydney; a second home that perfectly fits the urban aesthetic of the brand. Now with their new campaign DECADE, Huffer are taking their values to the streets of New York; with a little help from some veterans of the concrete jungle.

Action Bronson and Alchemist are the tour guides on the DECADE journey, bringing the Huffer values straight into the core of the Big Apple. Action Bronson, the world renowned rapper, chef, and TV personality, was born in Flushing; a multicultural melting pot of fashion, food and music located in the borough of Queens. Alchemist, while born in Beverly Hills, plays a part in hip-hop history working with the likes of Eminem and Mobb Deep; so you know he’s embedded in the culture of the streets. They both go hand in hand with Huffer as they ooze originality and an effortless swagger; proving that you’re at your most stylish when you’re undeniably yourself.

Behind the camera is New Zealand born, New York-based photographer Tom Gould, who captures the grittiness of the campaign. The series of photos is a culmination of his last ten years living in New York, as Tom captures people in their natural habitats, blending their passions in with the darker tones of the city. Looking at the campaign, Tom sees it as a reflection of his time in New York, stating that “My time here has been defined by the faces and personalities I have met and become friends with along the way. Some are old friends, others new – but to me, they all represent this beautiful, diverse and unique city”.

DECADE represents the next natural step in Huffer’s growing legacy. A trip to the other side of the world to reinstate the values that made them so important in the first place. Huffer is all about being real, and being yourself; a message they convey through talent like Action Bronson and Alchemist. Tom Gould’s photography brings vibrancy to the darker tones of New York City and allows us to experience culture and passion through his lenses. Huffer’s DECADES campaign shines brightly in the shadows of skyscrapers, foreshadowing a future that keeps getting bigger and brighter.

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