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Nick Thomm creates work that defines ‘aspirational’ for any wannabe pastel punk on Tumblr. Replace reblogs with industry credibility, then replace followers with advanced skill sets and you have yourself the poster child for the digitally inclined. Nick Thomm is an internationally exhibiting artist and, more or less, makes digital design his bitch. His hypercolour mash-ups of lo-fi-meets-high-tech are instantly recognisable. You definitely know Thomm’s artwork when you see it.

While Thomm is partial to bold and bright designs, he also works with clean lines and minimalism in his capacity as co-founder of graphic design studio The Drop. (The name spawned from his decision to drop out of university.) Call it a power move, because shit is clearly working out for the Melbourne based creative who has since worked with the likes of Nike, MTV, Red Bull, L’Oreal and Channel V to name a few. Thomm is also the co-founder of SRC783. You know, that magazine where everything is styled to perfection and makes you want to burn all your clothes due to their inferiority? Yep, that magazine. So based on this double-page spread of credentials, you tell me: do you fucks with Nick Thomm? Yes? I thought so.

We filtered our envy from green to a soft mint and made nice with Nick Thomm below:


<ACCLAIMmagazine> A/S/L?

<Nick_Thomm> 25/M/AUS.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> What’s your real name, not your cyber name?

<Nick_Thomm> I’m the same guy IRL.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> When did you first join the online community?

<Nick_Thomm> Somewhere around the Y2K.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Be honest, what was your first internet handle?

<Nick_Thomm> I think it was something hectic like skitza_72.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Preferred net browser?

<Nick_Thomm> Chrome.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> How many hours a day do you spend online?

<Nick_Thomm> I do my best to spend less time on the internet and more time working.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Favourite social media network and why?

<Nick_Thomm> Probably Instagram. Only because it’s fast enough to keep me interested, and easy enough to unfollow people posting pictures of toast and themselves in the mirror.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> To hashtag or not to hashtag?

<Nick_Thomm> No hashtags.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> What do you think a selfie says about a person?

<Nick_Thomm> You think you look good? If you do, then I guess that’s fine. If not, well..

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Who is your biggest online influencer?

<Nick_Thomm> Too much heat on this one! I mainly just watch strange things on YouTube.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> What was the last thing you looked up on Wikipedia?

<Nick_Thomm> Something about Griselda Blanco.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Where is your favourite place to shop online?

<Nick_Thomm> My girlfriend’s store! Mercy Merci.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> How does your online identity compare to your IRL identity?

<Nick_Thomm> The same, but with less pixels.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> How has the internet helped to develop your creative endeavours?

<Nick_Thomm> It’s helped my work to be seen by a lot more people. I can create things and let them float through the interwebz. It’s becoming a lot harder now though, with so much crap being published all the time

<ACCLAIMmagazine> How do you keep up with the constant evolution of online tastes and trends?

<Nick_Thomm> I guess by putting as much work out as possible. It forces you to keep moving forward quickly. I used to be really protective of my ideas and my style. But now, I’m more like fuck it, I’ll send it out there and see what happens. If people want to copy it then fine, that will just push me onto the next thing I want to do.

<ACCLAIMmagazine> Best GIF going around ATM?

<Nick_Thomm> These glitch faces are cool. The Sasha Grey one is pretty funny.



<ACCLAIMmagazine> Can you show us a meme that best represents you? 


<ACCLAIMmagazine> Final words to the haters?

<Nick_Thomm> You do you, and I’ll do me.


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