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Iconic backpack brand JanSport are back to launch their exclusive limited edition Right Pack Signature Series on Sunday the 29th July at Ferdydurke in Melbourne. JanSport collaborated with 21 boutique retailers around the world to produce the limited edition backpacks, each with a unique patch that embraces the culture of each retailer’s particular community. Participating retailers hail from all over the globe, from Hong Kong to New York to Sweden. Our very own motherland, Australia, are represented by two retailers, in Melbourne and Sydney. Melbourne retailer 1st Product have contributed to the project, collaborating with Ruler Melbourne to design a patch that explores both JanSport’s heritage as well as the future of 1st Product. The limited edition patches have been applied to JanSport’s original Right Pack in black. We had a chat with Nik at 1st Product about working with JanSport:

So, how did the collab come about?

JanSport approached us to be part of the Right Pack Signature Series and it was a no brainer to be involved in a project like this with such an iconic brand.

What did you want to achieve with your design?

JanSport is iconic! It’s a heritage brand that we admire and has had a following amongst the world since 1967 because of its quality. We as a store wanted to pay respect to the heritage that is true to JanSport and we wanted to come up with a design to compliment the birth of our store, as well as keeping it true to JanSports heritage. We are also involved with our close friends and local designers Ruler Melbourne to collaborate. We were both born around 2010 so it seemed perfect for both of us to work together, supporting locals, and creating a design that pays respect to the heritage of JanSport. A design that encompasses the birth of 1st Product and Ruler Melbourne, that will stand up over time. We respect Ruler’s philosophy as a brand and collective, so it also made sense to have them be a part of this collaboration.

How does it feel to be picked out as one of the few retailers internationally to take part in this series?

We were blown away and feel very privileged to be a part of something so special that also has the likes of Jeff Staple aka REED SPACE, & other iconic stores from around the globe, and to be involved in a collab like this is truly humbling.

You’re hitting the road with only your Right pack. What are 5 things you would take with you?

Macbook, iPhone, sunnies, camera, 5 panel. Nuff said!

When will the bags be in store and how many are available?

We are officially launching them through the store on Monday 30th July. We are also releasing some bags exclusive to our loyal following at the Launch Party. There’s only 22 backpacks in total so it’s pretty tight. That’s how we and the Ruler guys like it. Nice to buy into something limited knowing there are only 22 bags available in the world.

Are you having a launch for the bag?

Yes we are, this Sunday the 29th July, 2pm, at Ferdydurke in the City.

Any last words?

Support your local on any level.

The official launch of the bag will feature beats by DJ Moonshine and JanSport beer to help you forget the cold weather. Check out the flyer below for deets about the launch, and head here to find out more about the series.

Stay tuned for more info on the Sydney launch at Above the Clouds too…