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The Lacoste X Ricky Regal Collection Brings Bruno Mars’ Retro-style to the Fore

The world-renowned artist blends sport and luxury in a symphony of colour.

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He’s known for his crooning Sunday-morning ballads and a style reaching into the retro, his slicked-back black hair and at times, fedoras. He’s Bruno Mars, and though the music world hasn’t heard a song headed by him in a while, he now returns with his take on luxury lifestyle wear. In a powerful team-up with Lacoste, the collection hones the artists alter ego Ricky Regal, a character Mars says appears when he’s offstage and making “lavish luxurious garments”, a suave, sultry personality poised with flair.

With that in mind, and appearing fluently throughout, the line articulates itself around fluid shorts and pop tracksuits, potent colours of mustard yellow, petrol blue, eggplant purple, coral red and tie-dye, creating an avid whirlwind transporting you, in retro Bruno fashion, back to the 70’s. Including shorts, polo-shirts, pants, slides and socks, as well as an iconic pair of aviator sunglasses, the line is both casual and dressy, and in true timeless Lacoste style, caters to the juncture between sport and fashion.

With freedom, spontaneity and creativity at the heart of the operation, the project was born out of a conversation in LA between Mars and Lacoste’s creative director, Louise Trotter, who believed in Bruno’s free reign over the project. On the collaboration, Bruno said, “Lacoste was the first and only brand that said ‘Bruno we want you to make this truly yours.’ The respect of such creative freedom coming from a heritage fashion house was an honor.”

The first Lacoste x Ricky Regal collection will be launched on 5 March 2021 through a global network of 18 exclusive retailers including SUBTYPE online + Melbourne and will be available from 8 March 2021 at select Lacoste stores globally.

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