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One of the most fun things about Han Kjøbenhavn’s lookbooks is that the Danish brand tends to opt for more nonconventional models (read: old dudes) like Bjarne above when it comes to showing off their latest range. It’s kind of an inversion of the belief that if it doesn’t look good on the model, it doesn’t look good on you. Instead, they present their clothes like “look how freaking swagged out this old guy is compared to you” and thank god their shit is nice, because it totally works. The phenomenon should be called ‘The Lagerfeld effect’.

This year’s SS15 collection is another instalment of excellent looking minimal coats, and tops and is actually pretty well suited for the early weeks of Melbourne’s winter – we’re guessing that has something to do with Denmark’s unpredictable, cloudy spring-to-summer period. Check out more on their site.

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