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Luka Sabbat turns his ‘Hot Mess’ art into first apparel collection

In collaboration with creative mate Noah Dillon

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Earlier this year, New York City’s Milk Gallery played host to the multimedia exhibition, Hot Mess, the brainchild of Luka Sabbat and Noah Dillon. From LA to New York and Paris, this young duo are everywhere where young people are doing cool shit. Speaking about the project to ID, Dillon said “From the start, we approached this from a very unorthodox way. We cast weirdo unknown models from Instagram last minute. We would sometimes shoot 2-3 days, no sleep, running around the city planning nothing.”

This madness eventuated into Hot Mess which is continuing to evolve along with the duo’s creative pursuits. Sabbat and Dillon have now chosen to accompany their project with a limited capsule collection that further epitomises their celebration of unbridled youth. The collection of goods will include oversized crew neck sweaters, cropped hoodies and ripped jeans, basically whatever will get old people to sigh and lament “kids these days”.

The clothes are being teased on Twitter and Instagram but you can get a preview in the gallery above.

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