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If you’ve managed get your hands on a pair of Yeezy Boosts from the Adidas x Kanye West collab, it’s goes without saying you’re now the owner of some pretty covetable kicks. The range have gained immense hype since the first batch dropped earlier this year, and resellers are¬†currently flogging the shoes for upwards of one thousand dollars on Ebay.

Michigan man Matt Neal is a man in a pretty shitty situation – both his kidneys are failing. But what he does have (and what could be the thing that saves him) is a pair of new and unworn Yeezy Boosts.

The 26 year old posted a message on Facebook outlining his medical situation, and called upon anyone with a spare kidney and a gaping Yeezy Boost-shaped hole in their wardrobe to come forward and contact him.

If you’re sitting there thinking that selling and buying kidneys is illegal, you’re right. In the USA, the practice is prohibited by federal law. However, the fact that this would be a swap and not a sale means that a legal loophole may exist.

Neal’s post has received a lot of well-wishers, but as yet no offer of a kidney. Though, given the measures some sneaker fans go to in order to get their hands on the latest kicks, we wouldn’t be surprised if someone out there was actually considering the offer right now.

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