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Weekly updates

I’m sure Kidult does a bunch of great work other than just throw paint at store fronts (yes, Kidult, we GET it). Anyway, like him or hate him, he continues to hit boutiques in his quest against consumerism, with one of his most recent expeditions being the Marc Jacobs store in SOHO.

The twist that’s come out of this normally blah topic is that the fashion house snapped a pic of the giant tag and turned it into a t-shirt which is supposedly selling for USD$689 (or $680 if signed by the artist). Initially thought to be a clever marketing ploy between the artist and designer, I’m pretty sure Marc Jacobs is either being a funny mofo or seeking revenge by exploiting la petite merde to make a few bucks. Either way, good on him for having a sense of humour and shoving it back in his face. And of course, it makes a great Twitter beef….