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Acclaimed designer Marc Jacobs has taken to Instagram to defend himself after he came under fire for drug use and orgies in two articles from the New York Post. In the first of a series of IG posts defending his honour, he pens an “open letter” to the writer of a harsh piece claiming that the designer’s career is spiralling downward, and that he has problems with drug use. He was not happy with one Maureen Callahan, as she received a heavy dose of sass that you could only imagine comes from someone who has been in the fashion industry for over three decades.

When talk shifted from business and drugs to orgy rumours, Jacobs only really half-shut-down the whispers… the openly gay designer has no qualms with being sexually open – after accidentally posting what was meant to be a nude DM to the Instagram public, he proudly stated, “I’m a gay man. I flirt and chat with guys online sometimes.” And he even recently posted a very public goodbye message to the Grindr community, reiterating that he is a gay man who enjoys sex… as most humans do – which is kinda the point. He knows there’s nothing to be ashamed about, so when the “wild” gay orgy rumours were set free, he shut it down by simply saying that it was MILD, not WILD.

In the third and final post, Jacobs gently reminds people that he is a successful motherfucker and his personal life is none. of. your. business. Word.

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