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Maribelle is at her most fierce for Rated One Star

The Melbourne artist cements herself as alt-pop's poster-child

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Don’t ignore Maribelle. She won’t let you anyway. Growing up in Melbourne’s outer suburbs, the singer-songwriter has already navigated her way into the world’s largest cities, writing music with names across the globe. Stepping into her power, she’s also recently used her artform to open up about her sexuality in her latest single, ‘I’m A Mess Without You’.

As part of Converse’s latest Rated One Star campaign, the Melbourne-based artist continues to kill the game. Despite the folk schtick that singer-songwriters are often slapped with, best believe Maribelle has bucked against the trends. Instead, she drives her talents elsewhere; right into the highly-competitive world of pop.

Channelling all her energy into reworking the malleable genre to fit her own sonic silhouette, Maribelle is a poster-child for the alt-pop kid. She’s proof that you can make your own cake – and eat it too. She wears her Cons with a fierce pride and like them, there’s a polished grit about her. Maribelle houses the kind of creativity that only exists within those with the audacity to slap away the norm. For Maribelle, this is who she is: fierce, anti-establishment, and entirely herself.

Watch Maribelle in all her outsider goodness in the video up above.

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