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Melbourne’s Purgatory Release 16mm Fashion Film: Eternal

Teaming up with Melbourne filmmakers Khushi Patil and Joshua Barreno, the short film showcases Purgatory's style and explores life's subtle moments.

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Last year, a fortuitous meeting took place between Melbourne creatives Khushi Patil (aka Girls That Mosh) and Joshua Barreno at a 16mm film workshop, orchestrated by a group of accomplished Melbourne cinematographers and aiming to share their understanding of 16mm film with up-and-coming filmmakers. The shared passion for this format ignited a collaborative spark between the pair, fuelled by the desire to experiment and showcase their work in this format.

Having previously shot a campaign with Melbourne fashion label Purgatory, Khushi’s respect for the authenticity and hard work of the owners, Millie and Harry, led her to approach them with the concept, and from there ‘Eternal’ was born.

The open-ended film delves into the journey of two friends navigating life as a united force. It mirrors the sensation of being in your own world with your friends, where time seems infinite. Amidst the shadows, the film illuminates moments that remind us why life is worth cherishing, intertwining Purgatory’s styling to signify a life that’s meant to be celebrated.

Josh: “This film materialized through the synergy of newfound friends, bold leaps, and proving our self-doubt wrong. Meeting Khushi during a 16mm workshop led by Naarm’s luminaries (Grace Moore, Joey Knox, Lachlan, etc.) ignited our vision for ‘Eternal.’ We aimed to embody the teachings and approached Millie & Harry, who, despite being unfamiliar with 16mm, embraced our audacious vision. After a year of planning, producing, filming, and editing, we proudly share this with our friends and community. This is for all of you!”

Purgatory: “With this short film, we had the honour of working with Khushi and Josh to execute their vision of how Purgatory could be represented. As we developed ideas around this project, the cyclic themes of life and coming of age became clear. Shrouded in an air of nostalgia, this is further characterized by the 16mm film the crew shot on. We feel that the universal themes touched on are just the beginning, made even more meaningful by the amazing team and community we were able to create with.”

Check out ‘Eternal’ above and follow Girls That Mosh, Joshua Barreno and Purgatory for more.

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