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The sneaker resale market is becoming crazy huge. Don’t get us wrong, the tradition of buying something, letting it accrue value and rarity and then palming it off when a higher asking price is justified is not exactly a new concept nor is it something that’s emerged between sneakerheads recently. But as coffee-shop running sneaker wearers begin to paddle deeper into the waters of footwear culture, a greater appreciation is beginning to grow towards the value of a sole. For example, The Financial Times¬†recently estimated that the sneaker resale market had hit $1b in sales and was worth a total value of $28b.

If that has you rubbing your hands together Birdman style, then let’s skip the Drake-ish starting from the bottom and leap straight to the top – the sneakers that are going to make heads the thirstiest are going to almost always be Air Jordans. There’s just something about them that makes grown men froth. But exactly how much can you make from a lazy pair of basketball shoes? Let’s break it down. The Just Don X Air Jordan II’s, released earlier this year, average a resale value of $1000. That’s just the average too. Some people have been clocking a $3000 closing bid. For shoes! Check out some more prices in the gallery above.