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Weekly updates

The forward-thinking design team over at Mujjo are always finding new ways to turn mass-produced tech staples into elegant accessories. Last year alone they released several products that still feel cutting-edge today, including a sleeve that practically turns an iPad into a leather satchel and these genius touchscreen gloves that make you feel like a big time jewell-thief each time you send a text.

In their latest venture, they evolve alongside Apple with a rethink of the popular Leather Wallet Case 80° to accommodate iPhone 6 plus users. The updated case features a practical slim design that will save users precious pocket space by fitting up to three must-have cards and of course, an iPhone 6. The wallet, which is crafted from Mujjo’s signature high-quality vegetable-tanned leather and features a suede-lined interior, really is the only thing you need to pocket before leaving the house.

Those of you sick of the iPhone’s drab natural exterior can get a Leather Wallet Case here.

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