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Palace (and Jonah Hill) preview their entire Reebok collab

"That looks chill, you should buy that"

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Reebok and Palace Skateboards have once again teamed up to create the perfect crisp sneakers. As proven by Jonah Hill, whether you’re a skater or not, these are some “dope new sneakers”. If you’re looking to rock them with jeans and channel that normcore look, or you’re just in the market for some comfortable kicks, the new Reeboks come in the Classic and Club C design, the Classic looking more sporty and the Club C with a more casual style. They also boast 3M reflective floss so your sneakers will stand out, even in the dark.

As revealed earlier this week, Palace enlisted Jonah Hill to endorse the sneaker and in the clip he cleverly parodies awkward celebrity product placements. The totally ‘uninformed’ attempt at plugging the sneakers, mixed with a truly horrible green screen, makes for some funny watching below (although we suspect Jonah knows a lot more than he lets on).

The sneakers will launch on the online store as well as the Palace London store on July 9.

  • Words: Eleanor Beardsell

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