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Being the long time friend of the house of Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld himself does have its perks. For Pharrell Williams, it was a quick drop in on the artists and craftsmen of the haute couture label.

Following a few days spent attending the Fall-Winter 2016/17 Ready-To-Wear show at the Grand Palais, Williams copped a very up close and personal look at the intricacies of their creative processes.

Looking very much like a kid in a candy store, Williams walks around and checks out all the crazy shit they have going on, which definitely had us dumbstruck as well. While they’re doing everything by hand and making crazy flowers, we can’t even add our own fashion rips to old jeans. But hey, doesn’t mean we can’t admire what they’ve got going on. A probable highlight is Williams lifting up some fancy embroidered cloth and holding it to his neck like a bib. Do smell a collab? One can only hope.

Check out the full video below and admire the intense craftsmanship that will make up CHANEL’s Rome 2015/16 collection.

Weekly updates