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PAI has begun to permeate the fashion scene at a rapid rate thanks largely to the intersection between art and apparel that its creators represent. The Melbourne label is the project of creatives Angie Pai and Adrian Bressanutti who emphasise the importance of collaboration. Their links with the interconnected worlds of artistic production was immediately obvious from the first article of clothing they produced and has subsequently seen them adopt musicians as models in their shoots. They recently worked with photographer Jordan Drysdale on a shoot featuring purpose-made garments and the results are stunning.

Don’t forget to read more about PAI and the brilliant duo behind it in our interview with Angie Pai and Adrian Bressanutti.

Photographer: Jordan Drysdale

HMU: Monique Postma

Featuring: Simon Lam, Lucian Clifforth, Claire Collins, Katerina Karadimas, Matthew Zukowski, Lewi Gillman