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So it appears the fashion world has flagged IKEA’s blue carry bag as the hottest style this season. Recently, Balenciaga dropped a “blue wrinkled, glazed leather” tote bag that looks eerily similar to the IKEA Frakta bag that you can cop at the counter for one buck. The Balenciaga however, retails for a bit over 2000 times that at $2145.

The hubbub over the Balenciaga tote clearly showed just how many people love the IKEA Frakta and its versatility, because now we are seeing more remakes emerge. Los Angeles-based fashion brands Pleasures and The Chinatown Market have joined forces to create a cap from the Frakta bag itself.

Using the $1 tote bags, the brands created crinkly blue six-panel caps complete with the Frakta bags strap around the circumference, emblazoned with that sweet yellow IKEA font. Priced at $38 USD the cap was up for pre-sale on The Chinatown Market but is already sold out. Limited to 50 pieces, we wonder whether IKEA knew just how iconic its convenient carry bags could be.

We also wonder what’s next? Time will tell, but what we do know is that IKEA should totally have their own clothing line, made completely from Fraktas,¬†perfect to wear when assembling furniture, or hitting up bars on the weekend.

Weekly updates