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First spotted in May 2013 on Kim Kardashian’s instagram, then originally scheduled for release on June 18, to co-incide with the Yeezus album…The “Red October” Nike Air Yeezy 2s didn’t make it. October came and went. November too. Then Footlocker set a December 27th release date but the whole thing fell apart. Then Ye fought with Nike. Ye signed with Adidas. The increasingly poorly-named Red Octobers, one of the most hyped sneakers in history, look set to never get a real release.

With supposedly stupid limited numbers, pairs have naturally been on ebay since dot one, most if not all of which are fake. Earlier today, Fancy.com listed a full size run of the elusive colourway at the measly sum of $10,000 per pair. While it still doesn’t qualify as the most expensive sneaker ever…it certainly puts them up in contention. But does the ridiculous pricetag destroy the notion that these too may be fakes? Sure Kanye visited Fancy offices in November during his Yeezus tour, but I’m not convinced. And like the lads at SneakerFreaker suggest, shelling out that much money for a pair of sneakers that are so rare that no one will even believe are real, totally defeats the purpose of sneakers as social currency anyway.

But if you happen to have a cool ten large burning a hole in your pocket, and you don’t give a shit about what others think of you anyway, get on it quick before your size sells out.

Matt Derody

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