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American graffiti artist RIME (aka Joseph Tierney) has filed a lawsuit against Jeremy Scott and Moschino for copyright infringement.

Earlier this year Scott and Moschino used RIME’s work as part of their Fall/Winter 2015 collection. The fashion was also worn by JS and Katy Perry at the 2015 Met Gala, which was met with mainly negative reviews from the fashion press.

The piece that was used by Scott and Moschino is called ‘Vandal Eyes’ and was painted in Detroit in 2012 for street art crew The Seventh Letter. 

RIME claims additional harm because not only was his work used without his consent, it was also covered in the designer’s name written in tags which implied that they were part of the original artwork.

The lawsuit states, “Not only was his art exploited by Defendants, but his credibility as a graffiti artist was compromised by inclusion in such a crass and commercial publicity stunt.”

This isn’t the first time Jeremy Scott has been sued for copyright infringement, in 2013 he was sued by Santa Cruz Skateboards for replicating the imagery from their designer Jim Phillips.

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