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Skepta speaks on going from following the crowd to leading it

The grime MC sits down with Slam Jam Socialism to talk about being a responsible fashion icon

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In the same way he is leading the pack in the grime scene, Skepta is also one to take notes from in the fashion department. With the number of Google searches for “Skepta fashion” having doubled in the past month alone, it’s fair to say that his lowkey aesthetic has been catching eyes worldwide. And what makes his style even better is that it’s accessible to even those who aren’t keen to dosh out more money on new kicks than rent.

As a new global ambassador for UNIQLO, Skepta is down to rep “very simple clothes”, so as to reflect that he is “chilled out”. Yep, you’ll often see him cooling it in his tracksuit on stage rather than just when he’s out doing the grocery shopping, which he notes sets him apart from other performers.

“I can be the same person I am on the stage as I am in person. You may see a famous person, they buy groceries, and they have their hat down and a Nike tracksuit on. When they go to do their job they’re [dressed] smart, so they’re two different people. When I have my hat down low like this and my tracksuit, that’s who I am. I like the fact that I can take that to the stage, and still be in a Nike tracksuit. I can also be in GQ, and be the only guy in a tracksuit and making it a lifestyle. Being comfortable for me is the most important thing, and I think that’s why I sit so well with sportswear and athletic gear.”

Safe to say, wearing a tracksuit to work is easily something we can get on board with.

Recently, the 33-year-old rapper caught up with Socialism in their Slam Jam headquarters to delve into his major fashion keys. With his must-have item being a pair of “tracksuit bottoms”, he definitely won us over. Mostly, it was his response to being asked if he saw himself as a fashion icon that piqued our interest: “I accept that I am, but I don’t see myself as one cause I don’t spend time dressing in the morning. I understand that when I wear something, it might influence somebody. I don’t like to wear big brands anymore. I just wear normal stuff, a €10 hat, a T-shirt or whatever. Because I might have this influence on them to go out and buy, you know big chains and expensive designers. I know kids are going to want to copy, but they don’t have money for it. That’s a bit weird; that’s a bit funny of me innit if I let them do that. I accept the responsibility.”

With his fourth album Konnichiwa meeting universal acclaim based off Metacritic reviews, there’s no doubt that the unique allure of his style and flow continues to pull in a loyal fan-base. Of course, the intrinsic link between his taste in fashion and music means that he ranks just as highly in the streetwear department for us as he does in our wardrobe inspo. Check out the full interview here for more style tips from one of grime’s OGs.

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