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Weekly updates

I first head about Sun Cycle NYC after a mate mentioned there were some ‘Lo heads making high quality, but super short run, five panels referencing iconic polo designs. I got in touch with Ryan who runs the company and after picking up a few of the hats we got talking about the brand and this is what he has to say:

“Myself and my crew are all pretty heavy in gear. I run a record label in NY and have been doing shirts etc for over ten years, I’ve been rocking 5-panels since high school and always wanted to do my own. It seemed like all the the hats that were around were getting real generic, like snapbacks with phrases like “pimp”, “hustler” and “gangster”…adjectives that clearly are not reflecting the people wearing them and overall corny. I always loved the colourful fun hats that were around in the 90’s so I decided to try and produce a 5 panel hat. Which lead to doing several, which eventually spawned into starting this company. I created the company in 2012 in the mist of the hype of 2012 being the end of the world. I had looked into Sun Cycles, and found how it wasn’t the end of the world but the end of a Sun Cycle in the Mayan calendar, which meant the start of a new Sun Cycle. It was a new start, a fresh beginning, a step forward. The name worked great for the company, and has really grown with us. We essentially are just making the hats that we want to rock, as someone who’s owned over 100 five panels over the years I’ve become very picky with hats. So ideally, if it meeds our very picky quality assurance needs, it will for others as well.”

The hats are cleverly designed, the more inclined gear head will notice nods to famous 90’s pieces (this hat referencing the classic Polo 1992 plates jacket is a personal fav) but with 90’s stylings back in full effect these will sit well on anyone’s head.