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Gucci Mane may be under house arrest but that sure as hell doesn’t stop him from releasing new tracks and even starring in adverts for Supreme, all from the comfort of his Atlanta mansion.

The one minute clip features Guwop playing a piano, opening up a Gucci belt he just had delivered, kicking back on the couch and chilling in his recording studio, all whilst wearing a white Supreme t-shirt, of course.

And round out the triple threat of cult names, Harmony Korine, writer and director of Spring Breakers, did the honours of overseeing this advertisement for Supreme.

Gucci tells the camera, “I shop off the internet, I don’t go to the store. You motherfuckers think I go to the store? I just hit the button, and shit just comes to the house.” Although this might have something to do with the fact he’s under house arrest, Gucci really knows how to put a positive spin on any situation.

“I’m living the life,” Gucci says with a smile from ear to ear.

This little taste of Gucci has got us even more excited for the July 22 release of Everybody Looking.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

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