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The Drop: Bodega x Filling Pieces Mountain Cut

When Chinese pottery and kicks collide

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The sneaker lovers at Bodega have joined forces with Filling Pieces for a unique drop, to say the least. A 1400s Chinese pottery-inspired drop, the blue and white sneakers feature an incredibly intricate pattern that draws on the designs that have been used for thousands of years.

The Bodega store showcases shoes, caps, and sportswear, if you can find it that is. Known for it’s hidden shopfront, the makers of the brand are clearly on  a mission to stand out and these shoes are no exception. Using the silhouette from the Amsterdam brand, Filling Pieces provides a low-key sneaker design so as to not clash with the very full-on design.

The Bodega x Filling Pieces Ceramic Blue Mountain Cut will be released in limited numbers on May 7, retailing for $250 and available exclusively here, and you can check out the design in the gallery above.

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