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From Architecture to the ARIAs: Tkay lays out her blueprint for Rated One Star

Tkay builds outside the box to show that she's nothing but herself

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Tkay Maidza was an architecture undergraduate when her breakout hit ‘Brontosaurus’ stormed the Triple J airwaves. While she’s moved on to music full time, she’s still crafting complex blueprints — now, for a fresh Australian sound. In Converse’s new campaign for their new Rated One Star, Tkay details her personal blueprint for breaking into the Australian charts.

Through the campaign, Tkay lays out the thinking that’s made her such a force in Australian music. And it’s pretty simple: Don’t follow the rules. The approach has netted her ARIA and BET nominations, a gold plaque for her single ‘M.O.B’ and collaborations with hip-hop legends such as Killer Mike. To hear a little more on Tkay’s philosophy, press play.


Stylist: Ntombi Moyo

Hair & Make-Up: Tyra Graham 

Music: Kyle Setch

Special thanks to: Kingpin Bowling 


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