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Being Pharrell Williams is a pretty cool gig. Whether you’re talking early Neptunes days Pharrell or music and fashion mogul present-day Pharrell, the dude has done a lot of impressive things in his lifetime and it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down any time soon. Paris Fashion Week has just wrapped up and it wouldn’t be complete without a visit from one of the most fashion-forward individuals in the game. Hypebeast were lucky enough to spend some time with the ageless one as he prepared for and attended Chanel’s runway show, which included a quick stop by the Chanel store, trading pleasantries with designer Karl Lagerfeld, and absorbing all the new season looks from the runway’s front row (all while looking effortlessly cool, of course). No FOMO, we swear. Get a preview of life in the fashion fast lane in the clip above.

Weekly updates