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Anything goes in this mash-up series of fashion designers and pop culture icons

From Raf Simons in the Simpsons to Maison Martin Margiela paired with Power Rangers

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Philippines based graphic designer Chad Manzo has just revisited every ’90s kids childhood with a mashup of all the biggest (and arguably best) designers right now in a cartoon set up. The project called The Sartorial Zone features a whopping 24 images pairing the cartoons, toys, video games, and TV series many of us grew up with (or at wishing we had). In the series Dior gets the Barbie font treatment, Beavis and Butthead are imagined as Dolce and Gabbana, and noted cat-lover Karl Lagerfeld is fittingly portrayed as Garfield, among heaps of other reincarnation.

Check out some of our favourites in the gallery above or head to Manzo’s website to check out more of his nostalgic works.


  • Words: Jordan Gogos

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