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Check out the fever dream odyssey of “NYC FLOW”

Shows The Big Apple the way we all want to see it

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The grimy, littered sidewalks and trash-talking cabbies still personify the character of the Big Apple, but Danil Krivoruchko’s fever dream odyssey, “NYC FLOW” is the type of New York we all want to see. What would usually be a slow-motion video tourist trap has now, under the whim of Krivoruchko’s eye for excessive colour-grading, become a colourful look into the often underappreciated and overlooked energy of this metropolis.

Shots of Brooklyn rail yards, Time Square, and subway stations have been given a generous soak in acid dye, thus highlighting the untapped exuberance of the concrete jungle. Even close-up shots of native noo yawkers, from commuters, to police, to b-boys, are transfixing in the beauty highlighted through the generous colour wash.

A gentle ambient piece plays over this two-and-a-half-minute project, emphasising the contrasting tranquillity of what is usually a raucous clusterfuck of noise and heedless individuals. Even if this melting pot isn’t your idea of a peaceful getaway, immerse yourself in the colour and serene beauty of Mr Krivoruchko’s latest project and try to convince yourself otherwise.

Check out the video above.

  • Words: Vincent Dwyer

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