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Iconic street artist, Futura, has just been featured in a new video for Converse, as part of their “Blank Canvas” series. The brief, two-minute clip shows Futura gracing a blank wall in the Brooklyn suburb of Bushwick, with an abstract black-and-white piece produced via the street artist’s iconic “Skyfall” style of graff.

According to the video, the highly enigmatic street artist, who has been prominent since his early ’70s tender years of graffing subway carriages, has always found inspiration for work in his city’s entanglement of subway systems.

“That was the lifeline of moving around the city,” he says. “Everything occurred within the system, [as well as] on trains and in the station.”

Futura’s Blank Canvas design, which he says is a “teaser” for Converse’s new shoe, is simple but grimy, in that it juxtaposes the now overly gentrified aesthetic of New York City, and provides a welcome throwback to a time when the bustling metropolis was pushed by creative individuals not from the socialite top, but from the rough and worn terrain of the sidewalk and deteriorating subway system.

Check out Futura’s appearance in the Blank Canvas series in the above gallery.

  • Words: Vincent Dwyer

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