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Weekly updates

Cult filmmaker and photographer Larry Clark, most known for his films Kids (1995), Bully (2001) and Ken Park (2002) is selling a a heap of his prints! It all kicked off a few days ago in London at the Simon Lee Gallery and you’ve got two more days to score some art. The ones for sale were all photographed between 1992-2010, around the times his most favourite films were made. All prints are unique and authentically (and somewhat adolescently) printed at pharmacies and one hour photo shops.

“The sale is for all the kids that come to my shows in their thousands and could never afford 10 to 15 thousand dollars for a print. A pay back to all the skate rats and collectors who would like a souvenir so I can die happy”.

Each print is being sold for £100 only which is a sweet deal for work is his calibre. Personally, nothing would make me happier than owning a piece of his work in some way. Too bad I’m stuck on the other side of the hemisphere. If you’re in London, you know where to go.

Simon Lee Gallery
12 Berkeley St,
London W1J 8DT, UK

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