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In his spare time, KAWS likes to make his dog do Donald Trump impersonations, but this year he’s been extremely busy with non dog-improv related projects.

As well as being propelled into prominent pop-culture by sculpting the awards for the MTV VMAs, along with a 60-foot inflated chrome moonman for the stage, he’s recently smashed out an installation and the Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts.

For the show he’s juxtaposed his contemporary pieces with works up to 100 years old that “…at the time were you know, kind of shocking, but have become the norm.” While crafted from materials like bronze and aluminium the KAWS characters we’ve come to love maintain their aesthetic with plastic-like finishings.

“I like to stay busy,” he mumbles during the interview, like we didn’t know. And all you had planned for the day was washing your hair. Tsk tsk.


Robert Brown


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