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Watch this industrial robot complete its first tattoo

French designers replacing hand with machine

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Gone are the days of those late-night drunken tattoo regrets, or those tatts of a butterfly you got as a young teenager when you were “finding yourself” on your European vacation – this robot has you covered. French designers Pieree Emm and Johan Da Silveira have constructed Tatoué, a robot arm that can draw tattoos on humans in surprisingly fine detail.

Here’s how it works: The body part of your choice is scanned using 3D technology into a design software. The software constructs the design onto the surface of the body part, before converting it into a pattern code that the robot can understand. Then, like a human hand with a tattoo gun would do, Tatoué uses the traditional needle and ink formula to create the tattoo.

A human controls the speed and pressure of the machine, plus there’s an emergency stop button… as if that relieves our pressure once we’re already strapped in. I guess robots really can do anything now – would you trust it, though? We probably won’t be quitting those impulse tatts any time soon but this industrial-machine tattoo artist is definitely a vision of the future.

Check it out above.

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