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Weekly updates

So we came to you a few weeks ago with the Festival of the Photocopier, which gave a platform for zine makers to flaunt their stuff. Now, it’s just about time for the NGV’s version with the Melbourne Art Book Fair. I was looking at this particular event for a potential post on this lineup, but the only reason I’m telling you about this now is to segway into a PSA. Van Gogh and Katsushika Hokusai are coming to Melbourne. Well, their art is anyway, so I’m pretty damn excited. You might not have needed this PSA, but I had no idea so I figure some of you might get just excited by the news as I am. And that being said, I get just as excited by seeing what the local makers and shakers are putting out as I do at the prospect of seeing the ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ in real life. So without further ado, here comes our top picks for galleries around the block.

As always, make sure to let us know WYD by sending your art events to [email protected].

01. A Seat in the Kingdom - Melbourne & Sydney

Take a seat, people. Shag is coming to Melbourne’s Outré Gallery and Sydney for his latest exhibition A Seat in the Kingdom. The California-based artist’s fixation with mid-century furniture seems to have peaked, as he brings in a brand new collection of works centred on the iconic seating styles that cross the border of furniture to art. Drawing from his own world view, Shag has created a series that touches on consumerism and that boujee lifestyle in a very colourful fashion. Take a look at the Facebook event here for more details, and you can find more of Shag’s work here.

02. Soft Tissue - Collingwood

Local legends Honey Long and Prue Stent have teamed up to bring the good people of Collingwood, or those who know how to get to Johnston Street, Soft Tissue.

With their touch, the female body becomes an abstract with which the artists present dreamlike landscapes that work to break down typical tropes of female sexuality. Focusing in on the details of the female form, objects and materials become the basis of an exploration that begins with limbs and folds and goes beyond.

Along with the musical aid of a composition by Aidan de Lorenzo, the opening is sure to leave viewers with goosebumps, open up important questions, and leave a much-needed impression on all. Be sure to take a look at the Facebook event for the full scoop, such perspective shifting work isn’t to be slept on.


03. All as One - Brisbane

Okay, so this one is looking huge. Our friends at The Culprit Club have linked up with the Babylon Falls Barbershop & Studio and the zoo to present their latest group show All As One.

Bringing it back to the core, the goal of the show is to serve up a whole new wave of inspiration for local Brisbane creatives. Featuring a skate demo from Parliament Skate Shop, Wall to Wall painting, live music and on-the-spot cuts, arcade entertainment and more, there’s really no need for us to sell you the event. With so much happening in one place, there’s really no better way to spend your Saturday than at ‘the zoo’. Be sure to suss the Facebook event for the rest of the details on this bad boy.


04. Face to Face - Sydney

Residents of Project [504] are coming together as a part of Art Month Sydney for their new showcase Face to Face

With pieces from the award-winning Nick Stathopoulos, Mertim Gokalp, Marie Mansfield, Lucy West-Sooby, and Michael Simms, the work shown demands your attention. As an experimental art collective, there’s plenty to be gained from sharing an evening in their new workspace in St Leonards. 

Be sure to take a look at their Facebook event for the details on the opening night for this coming Friday.


05. This Is A Song - Collingwood

To put it simply, This Is A Song features a damn fine lineup. Showcasing work from Brianna Capozzi, Clare Shilland, Danielle Neu, Estelle Hanania, Hanna Moon, Kersti Werdal, Polly Brown, the show has been masterfully curated by Benedict Brink to bring a dazzling collection of photos to the RVCA Corner Gallery. Alongside the show, a pop-up bookshop will make a range of publications, editions, artworks and new releases available, such as ‘Vortex’ by Funeral French and ‘What Lies Ahead?’ by Chrissie Abbott.

Take care to check out to head over to Heavy Time Books’ site for the rest of the juicy details on this one.