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For most people, Apple’s 2015 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) seemed to be about their new Apple Music streaming service. But besides the major announcements, the tech innovators have also decided to shake up your world again with a significant adjustment that will have you looking at your devices with the certainty that something’s changed, but not knowing exactly what. After only two years in the job, Apple’s revised font Helvetica Neue has been sacked as its default lettering and is being replaced by the upstart typeface known as San Francisco.

San Francisco is the first in-house typeface the team at Apple have designed in more than 20 years, as it seems they’ve been too far busy alternating between making iDevices larger and smaller. Wired reports that with “its clean, compact shapes, subtle roundness, and ample space between letters, San Francisco was no doubt designed for maximum legibility on the Apple Watch” so there’ll be no more squinting while trying to read the name of whose calling you while your eight synced devices unrepentantly blare your ringtone.

The font will be employed on all Apple mobile devices and desktops from now on, so if you’re not a fan, get used to it. Named after the Bay Area, we can at least find solace in the fact Apple have created the most hyphy font so far. You can take a look at your new typeface overlord in the gallery above, but honestly, let’s just get it over with and agree that Jokerman font should have been Tim Cook’s first choice.


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