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Sorry to tell you, Gambino fans. Despite multiple petitions, Donald’s expressions of interest, and even Andrew Garfield saying he’d like to see someone other than Peter Parker don the webbed cowl, it looks like we’re getting another white guy Spiderman in the thousandth on-screen iteration.

The rumour is Asa Butterfield, star of Hugo and Ender’s Game, is going to be the next web shooting superhero. According to the Latino Review, the deal is already done with Butterfield who will be making his super appearance as Spiderman in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, and he will then will play a solo role in a Spiderman reboot that will feature Peter Parker in high school. We’ve got to go full comic book geek here: in the comics, Miles Morales is a high schooler of black-hispanic descent who reps slightly different powers to Parker and exists in the same alternate universe that the Sam L Jackson inspired, eyepatch-wearing Nick Fury comes from. It seems like that would actually be an interesting change! Morales’ animated iteration was last year even voiced by Donald Glover after the actor expressed interest in portraying him. We’ve seen Peter Parker a bunch of times and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is already mostly white, this would’ve been a perfect opportunity to mix things up a little. What do we all have to do, start another petition?

If you’re just in it for the Gambs, don’t stress too much – we’ll be seeing Glover in cinemas very soon as a stripper in Magic Mike XXL. It’s not quite a superhero role, but it’s six packs and spandex so it seems like a step in the right direction, right?


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