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People can’t seem to get enough of Breaking Bad lately. There are couples celebrating their engagement in Breaking Bad theme. The Breaking Bad cast has been Simpsonized. And to top it off, there’s even a Breaking Bad snow globe.

“What’s next?” you ask. Well, blue methamphetamine, naturally. Meth dealers have reportedly been cashing in on their share of the viral marketing scheme, by dyeing their meth blue. Just like Heisenberg and Jessie Pinkerman, right? Wrong. So wrong.

If people are that into Breaking Bad that snow globes exist in its honour, this blue meth is probably going to sell. Apparently it’s not all that great though, and the extra dose of unsafe chemicals being added to the drug has been making people sick. Because meth doesn’t already do that anyway…

Sorry to break the news, but if someone offers you blue meth in the near future – Walter White didn’t make it. Some whacked-out junkie in a dingy shed did.

Adriana Barro

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