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Earl Grey (above) is the leader of a Canadian political party called the Tuxedo Party. He’s also a cat and he’s running for Prime Minister. Before you get too carried away and pack up for greener pastures, we should explain that the Tuxedo Party is really a group of activists who use political campaigns featuring cats to raise awareness about animal rights and welfare, particularly those dealing with animal cruelty.

The Tuxedo Party’s election platform reads, “Animals in Canada are currently NOT afforded adequate protection under the law. Due to loopholes, outdated wording (from 1892), and inadequate laws, convictions of animal cruelty are unlikely.” The Tuxedo Party’s previous campaigns resulted in the creation of a new grant, as well as the inclusion of cats in the Nova Scotia Animal Protection Act. They even made a television ad for their campaign which you can watch in the gallery above.

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