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El-P opened a deli in Brooklyn and now we really want bagels

Yet another reason you wish you were in New York

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Melbourne has more than its fair share of good breakfast spots. You’re probably scouring through the options right now, trying to vote on where you should meet your mats this morning. Well, we’ve found the perfect spot and unfortunately you won’t be able to eat there unless you’re actually in Brooklyn right now. El-P, of Run The Jewels, has opened his very own deli, Frankel’s, which specialises in good quality bagels and other delicious options you would find in an authentic Jewish deli. Always one for good collaborations, El-P isn’t the only one to be a part of this venture, with Frankel’s being a joint operation with brothers Zach and Alex Frankel (the latter of which is part of Holy Ghost!) and Queens rapper Despot. And much like any new Melbourne brunch spot, it’s packed out and selling out before brunch is even over. Take a look at some of the photos shared by El-P above. Anyone hungry yet?


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