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At the moment the unreliability of Facebook’s facial recognition is best used for lols when it guesses you’re face to be a pastiche of someone you look like – “Do you want to tag Jonah Hill?”

It seems they’ve realised this and are launching DeepFace, which aims to diminish “the Gap to Human-Level Performance in Face Verification” meaning that using 3D face modelling technology they’ll be able spot your face with 97.5% accuracy.

This means they probably plan to get 1984 on your ass and use their piles of data on people’s lives to make the first ever human Pokedex where you can whip out your iPhone and a friendly voice will recognise a person and give you a personal description of them including where they live and at what level they evolve.

Before that though it’s likely to be an annoying version of Googles image search where you can grab someone’s face and place it in Facebook’s search bar making the untag option futile.

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