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Finally, Australia approves local cultivation of marijuana

Meanwhile, USA get its first drive-thru weed shop

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America has got some major issues. Not to start a political debate but damn that country has some demons to fight atm, not naming names. It’s easy to sit back in our sunburnt country and laugh at those lost souls in the good ole’ US of A. But, there may just be a few things we Aussies have been missing out on, namely the fact that weed has only just been approved for medicinal sale in serious cases by the Federal government. This follows the first license for private cultivation being issued last week, instead of marijuana being sourced from overseas for individual cases.

Meanwhile back on the other side of the equator, Americans are about to have every lazy bone in their body blessed as Tumbleweed Express opens its doors in Colorado next month. The business allows customers to order and purchase their dankest dreams in drive-thru. The small town in Colorado where Tumbleweed will open, Parachute, previously had implemented their own ban on the legal selling of marijuana, despite state laws permitting it. The ban was repealed back in June 2015 and in 2016, legal marijuana accounted for roughly 30 percent of Parachute’s sales tax revenue.

Although Australia’s step towards legalisation appears meek in comparison to the US, it is a major step for those suffering from chronic illness or pain whose quality of life is improved by cannabis and have thus far struggled to receive the product. Fingers crossed, this breakthrough helps to break down some of the social misconceptions surrounding THC products. Maybe a few of the politicians in both Australia and America could use a jozz themselves. Kickback guys.

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