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Those innovators toiling away in the KFC laboratories have really made some amazing discoveries in the past few weeks, with both Pizza Fried Chicken in Hong Kong, and now Chizza in the Phillipines, finally making their deep-fried debuts. While the Chizza may sound like a Tim and Eric bit, it’s actually a pizza that finally replaces that pesky crust with fried chicken breast, just in case you were sick of being able to actually grip the pie in your hands without being completely covered in grease.

The ad comes replete with a fresh-faced Filipino lothario playing an acoustic version of “I Will Survive”, interchanging the original lyrics with references to the ingredients, as well as presumably dropping in some solid triple bypass and myocardial infarction puns. The KFC Youtube channel also mentions that “we don’t hate bread, we just love chicken that much!”, thankfully avoiding any controversy caused by perpetuating carbohydrate inequality and moving the vile protein agenda forward.

Knowing these amazing scientific breakthroughs have occurred in consecutive weeks, we’ll wait with baited and increasingly laboured breath for the next invention; personally, here’s hoping we can finally get some Chisagne or Pizzaco action going. Overfeed your curiosity and check the video out for yourself in the gallery above.

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