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We’ve all had the mortifying experience of sending a text or email to the wrong person. At the very least, it can cause some major embarrassment but people have lost jobs and landed in jail over these fateful mistakes. One Florida man ended up sending a series of incriminating texts, as he unknowingly messaged an actual police officer in a bid to score (and sell) some drugs.

After meeting some random dude at a 7-Eleven (where all great friends are made), William Lamberson hit up his new mate for a re-up but obviously punched in the wrong number. By some form of fate or karma, that phone number belonged to a narcotics officer, who decided to play along and ultimately managed to talk Lamberson to sell him coke. Cue classic undercover bust at the meet-up location and unlucky Will is currently detained for possession and intent to sell.

Check out the doomed text exchange, as shared via the sheriff’s office’s Facebook, above.

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