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If you’ve been paying attention to Drake’s Instagram, you’ll know that he recently performed at the Wireless Festival in the UK and earlier this week he popped in to the Wimbledon tournament to support woe, Serena Williams. It’s a pretty common occurrence for the media to swarm upon Drizzy’s appearance anywhere but it appears one sports journalist, Ian Abraham, was getting excited for the wrong reason.

Tweeting (and then deleting) the arrival of the singer, the journo mistook Aubrey for a more local recording artist, Craig David.


Come on, mate. Obviously, the internet was quick to advise him of this gaff, which resulted in the deletion of the offending tweet (long live the screenshot). Sure, as he says, he’s not in ‘showbiz’, but that is no excuse and it’s going to be a while before he can live this one down.

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