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Here is the most luxe weed-infused chocolate you’ll see

Défoncé Chocolatier combining the best of both worlds

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Yes, there’s a company in California infusing weed into their chocolate. I mean, “défoncé” translates to “high”. There’s no subtlety about it.

According to the company, “Défoncé Chocolatier’s team of veteran artisans uses sun-grown, single-origin cannabis and incomparable chocolate ingredients to craft California’s finest infused chocolate bars.” The cannabis is grown in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, with each chocolate bar containing 180mg of THC.

But I know what you’re asking, how long does it take kick in? Around 30 to 60 minutes. “The amount of time it takes for the effects to kick in depends on your metabolism,” they explain. “People with faster metabolisms may feel the effects after 30 minutes, yet people with slower metabolisms may not feel the effects for 2 hours.” Depending on the dosage, the high can last for up to eight hours. Each bar costs around $20USD a pop, with flavours such as Vanilla, Matcha, and Hazelnut.

There’s a downside though. You need to live in California and attain a medical cannabis card from your physician. So for now, the rest of us can only dream but you can still check out the flavours and the totally ‘grammable bars and packaging in the gallery above, and head over to their website here. Not bad for a midnight snack, not bad at all.

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