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Although technology has advanced so much in the past 10 years, advancements in batteries have been fucking minimal. I mean actually think about it, you could be on your trusty Nokia 3310 for a week without even losing a bar of battery—my iPhone 6 barely lasts for half a day. No shit, the 3310 ain’t got a 100megapixel camera or super-computer processor but, come on, it’s 2015 and surely we can build a battery that lasts for a decent time.

British design firm, Intelligent Energy hopes to bring that innovation that we all dream of, revealing the first ever hydrogen-powered battery that would keep your iPhone powered for a week. That’s right, a week. While the battery is currently in the prototype stage, and the operation of the battery will require some vents being added into the rear cover of the iPhone so water vapour can escape, it may not be too long until we are once again, in the glory days of the trusty Nokia 3310.

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