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By now you will all know the wondrous possibilities that photoshop can facilitate if you want to look like someone who isn’t you, but what if you don’t? In some type of geurilla advertisement, the instagram account @photoshop_fantasy has taken selfies from accounts like those of Carrie Nelson and edited them for conventional beauty.

I’m sure they’ll claim their only crime was making people look good, but it’s virtually saying ‘hey, beta version of yourself, look how pretty you ain’t!’. Nelson was particular righteous about it posting:

“I took my selfie because I knew I didn’t look conventionally gorgeous in that moment. I took my selfie because I wanted the world to see me raw, flaws and all. I took my selfie because I can be beautiful even when I’m tired and depressed. I took my selfie because, beauty standards be damned, I liked my disheveled face on Sunday. That image empowered me far more than an unsolicited airbrushing ever could,”

Damn that’s some bad PR. However if you want to see yourself in pageant-form for the lols, tag your selfie with #PsFantasy and revel in flawlessness.

Robert Brown

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