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I like the word ‘allegedly’ it means someone did some shit but we haven’t got the Mythbusters on the case to label it as fact yet so we’re gonna be coy about what we say. That being said, Kanye West allegedly beat up an 18-year-old.

Story goes that Kim K was heading into a chiropractor when a young’un held the door open for her and remarked “F**k these fa**ot ass ni**ers”. Kim then scolded his use of the N word to which he quipped “F**k you bitch.  Just trying to help you.  Shut up n****r lover, stupid slut.” Kim then got on the phone to her baby daddy who came over and put the beat down on the eloquent teen.

To strengthen the case, TMZ is reporting that “Kanye is now officially a suspect in a battery investigation,” and even though I’m a fan of alleged thuggery from the fashionista I still think it would’ve been a better idea if he just hit up Chief Keef to do his dirty work.

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