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Never get into the wrong car again, with this new Uber colour-coding feature

Possibly reducing drunken arguments and awkward moments

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Have you ever had some random drunk dude open up the door of your Uber whilst you’re sitting in it, asking if it’s his? Well it happened to me once and it was super awkward. Even worse, have you every just sat down in some stranger’s car thinking they were the Uber driver, when they weren’t? Now that’s embarrassing. But Uber has decided to introduce new technology that will take more guesswork out of spotting your ride.

The ride-sharing service has announced that they will be introducing Uber SPOT into their cars, which uses colour coding to match riders with the correct driver. Riders select a colour of their choice in the Uber app and a bar of the same colour lights up on the drivers windscreen. Uber will encourage passengers to select from one of six colours to help them identify their driver, and holding down the colour will light up the user’s phone screen, theoretically making it easier for drivers to find their passengers.

At the moment, this technology is only being trialled in Seattle in the States, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.



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